May 12th | Karaoke

May 13th | Mother's Day (Open)

May 19th | Yoga and Beer - Starts @ 11am
May 19th | Lion's Club Mug'O'Money

May 27th | Hair of the Dog Sunday Brunch at 10am to 2pm (Last Sunday of the month)

May 28th | Memorial Day - We are OPEN

June 9th | Karaoke

June 16th | Yoga and Cocktail 11am

June 17th | Father's Day- We are OPEN

June 24th | Hair of the Dog Brunch

July 3rd | Burlington Fireworks, Picnic Dinners available for purchase

July 14th | Karaoke

July 21st | Yoga and Cocktail 11am

July 29th | Hair of the Dog Brunch

August 11th | Burlington Street Dance on Main Sponsored by Mott's Lounge and Village of Burlington

August 26th | Hair of the Dog Brunch

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